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Jiangsu Best Garment Group "Ningxia Gives Love" donation activity

In order to carry forward the "Yanhuang spirit" of helping the poor and needy, unity and friendliness, mutual help, and advocate the Bede style of helping people, selfless dedication and doing good deeds, on May 18, 2017, our company held a grand donation activity of "Ningxia Giving Love".


Jiangsu Best Garment Group held the "Third Staff Sports Day".

In order to enhance the team cohesion and combat power, enrich the spare time life of the staff and improve the feelings between them, the company held the "Jiangsu Best Garment Group 3rd Staff Sports Day" on April 30.


Outstanding employees from Myanmar visited the Group's headquarters for study

In order to commend and motivate the excellent employees of Myanmar factory and at the same time cultivate a group of Myanmar backbone talents who serve the company and are loyal to the company, four excellent Myanmar employees came to visit and study at the headquarters of the Group from April 10 to 14 under the leadership of Mei Zhihua, the factory manager of Myanmar factory. This activity is another important talent cultivation plan after the company exported talents to overseas, and the visit and learning activities were strongly supported by the senior leaders of the Group.


Zhuotang Town Emergency Drill was held in our company!

This drill activity from a practical perspective, in the enterprise to strengthen the production safety "red line" awareness and establish the "scientific development, safe development" concept at the same time, to further enhance the awareness of all employees of the company's safety responsibilities, effectively promote the deepening of the implementation of the production safety system, to ensure the safety of the lives and property of the company's employees to lay a good foundation.


Jiangsu Best Garment Group Myanmar factory held a grand "Water Festival" celebration!

Every year in mid-April, Myanmar has one of the most important festivals - the Water Festival, which runs from April 13 to 16 of the solar calendar. This is the grandest and most lively time of the year in Myanmar, and is also the traditional festival for Myanmar people to welcome the "New Year", which is equivalent to the Chinese "Spring Festival". According to Burmese custom, both men and women, young and old, can splash water on each other during the festival to show the old and welcome the new.


Carry out skill competitions to cultivate outstanding talents

The successful holding of this skill competition is conducive to enhancing the core competitiveness of the enterprise. Take the staff job training and technical competition activities as an opportunity to set off a wave of learning new knowledge and mastering new technology; constantly innovate mechanisms and improve systems to promote the in-depth development of the staff quality construction project and cultivate a number of high-quality, high-level outstanding talents for the development of the enterprise.